Sunday, 24 January 2016

2016 - lots to do.

I am still doing a few bits of playing with rust dyeing, then embroidering them a bit for the travelling books. Currently about 4 months in front.

Did a nice embroidery on linen, with bullion knots, feather stitch and french knots, it came out well, not sure what to do with it, but have mounted it. I have also knocked up a scarf  from fabric a friend gave me for Xmas, with a multi colour wool curled onto it and sewn in place.

I posted a photo of a french knot blossom tree on the Textile Arts group on Face book and got 491 likes - so that was nice - we do these things because we like to embroider and have "something on the go" so to have fellow embroiderers approve of your work is a lovely boost!

Talking of having something on the go, I have just started another flower, leaf, ribbon bouquet embroidery on old linen, so far I have done the bigger leaves in a long and short shading, using stranded cottons. The pattern is scaled down from an old copy of Inspirations magazine, but I will change the threads, stitches and colours and as usual do my own thing!