Sunday, 7 February 2016


I have nearly finished another small quilt for the Linus Project, I had tried a bit of Bargello a while ago with the "jelly roll sewn into a long tube, then cut into different width strips, unpicked a block up at a time and sewn back together" method - I  hope that made sense? So, I wanted to do something with the sample, found some fabric for sashing and binding and knocked it up yesterday.

Something to take to stitch Group and hand sew the binding tomorrow. I finished the latest flower embroidery and need to find something else - I am months ahead with the pieces for the travelling books, so I am itching to do something for myself........ a little photo of a red squirrel is calling me, maybe I should give in and have a go!!!!

I titled this quilts as I also had 4 blocks put together in "Floating Stars" using an EZ template, in some awfully bright Kaffe Fasset fabric my daughter gave me, and some bright orange sheeting, so yesterday I also made up another 8 blocks, and put it together with sashing round, the binding is going to be all the bits left over joined in random lengths. Really not my kind of thing, but it is bright and breezy, so hopefully suitable for Linus! And a good bit of stash busting!!!

Well off to find something to embroider a squirrel on - maybe a nice bit of linen and dyed with walnut or onion, courtesy of Jackie and last summers natural dyeing session!