Monday, 14 March 2016

Lots of embroidery

I've been enjoying doing a bit more embroidery lately, finished the needle painted Squirrel, which I am pleased with.

The project before that was a pattern taken from an Inspirations Magazine, but using stranded cotton instead of the recommended threads and doing my own thing with some stitches and colours.

Today I finished a stumpwork Blossom, had fun making the stamens using watered down fabric glue to stiffen white threads and added orange dye to the glue to dip the ends to create pollen. I will ung it in a box frame soon.

Recently finished another 4 triangles, smaller this time for our embroiders guild joint project which will go first to Melton Mowbray Carnegie Hall Exhibition, I also entered an individual piece, that I have on my Home page.

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