Friday, 25 November 2016

Not updated for ages!

I seem to have been very busy textile wise, but not so much to show for it!

Visited Harrogate Knit and Stitch yesterday and have lots of inspirational ideas floating around in my brain - so I will see which one floats to the surface for my next embroidery! Been to three other shows recently, Duxford Quilt Show - where I spent loads of money, but stocked up on lots of things I was running out of - like wadding and 30m of bondaweb!!!! Also visited the NEC in Birmingham, for the Stitching, Sewing and Hobbycraft exhibition and Crafting Live at Peterborough!

I made a bag, blanket stitched strips of Kaffe Fasset fabric on black canvas with fabric my daughter gave me to play with, already cut into very thin, but uneven strips.

I finished the stumpwork with felted acorn shapes, over embroidered, with threads and added to real acorn cups to fill in the gaps under the snail. Plus added an embroidered mossy stone.

I think it came out well, I have decided I like doing stumpwork - will try and do more!!

 Finished my needle painted hedgehog, on 5" hoop, he came out well and had a cute face.
 The flowers were needle woven and a request for a Travelling Book.
 Hand and machine doodle for another travelling book.

 Knocked up a Hunters Star quilt, the centre using pieces cut on a Accuquilt Go machine at a quilting demo but about to be thrown away - managed to find the same fabric for the sashing and binding.
 More needle weaving.
I mounted and framed a piece I did at a workshop, using a heat puffed plastic type stuff on lutrador that was burnt through with holes, dyed behind with a fabric dye, mounted on darker green cotton and embroidered with feather stitch and hundreds of French knots! It is supposed to look like an old garden gate overgrown with climbers.

Currently working on 3 quilts and a piece of Redwork - so still busy with my needle.

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